Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Blog Schedule!

Hi friends! 
I'm so excited to finally have come up with a schedule for this little blog. I will be uploading 5 times a week and everyday there will be a different topic. This is what I came up with and I feel like these topics will cover just about everything you all have been wanting to see from me. 

Monday will be "Makeup Monday" I will be sharing with you all things makeup and beauty related. From reviews to first impressions, I will do my best to cover it all! Please leave requests for what you would like to see on makeup Monday, any products you would like me to review?

Tuesday will be "Random Tuesday" So I figured Tuesday will be a random post about anything I might want to talk about. Weather it's a recap of my weekend, a fun DIY project or just sharing some pictures and stories with you, this day will keep you guessing week after week.

Wednesday will be "What I want Wednesday" I was originally going to make this Workout Wednesday, but I figured I would call It "what I want Wednesday" instead that way I'm not limiting myself to only one thing. I do plan on posting workout related things on Wednesdays just not sure if it will be every Wednesday.

Thursday will be "Yummy Thursday" everything and anything food related. From new recipe ideas, what I eat in a day, restaurant reviews or just any food talk in general, you can rest assured that on Thursdays, you will leave this blog feeling hungry!

Fridays will be "Fashion Friday" I want to share with you some of my favorite fashion finds, looks of the day or night and anything else fashion related. I love to play dress up and sharing it with you is going to be lots of 

I hope you all like this schedule, I'm so excited to get things started with a new post tomorrow. I would love your feedback and support and ideas for posts. I do this because I truly love sharing my passions with all of you, please leave suggestions for what you would like to see here and I will do my best to cover as many of them as I can! I'l leave you with a selfie :)

Love you all!! 


  1. Glad you are blogging. I had no idea! Enjoy your 4th of July!

  2. This is so Awesome!!! I'm so excited! Could you do a video of Skin Care Routine. You have such beautiful skin!

  3. Hi Laura! That is amazing! :D
    I follow you on youtube and facebook, and know on blog is just perfect, I spend more time blogging, I'll be more "update" with the news!
    Xoxo, from a follower from Portugal :)*

  4. At last.....I'm sooo glad you are back...I missed your blogs so much...I'm very excited about the new schedule...All the best!! Love you too

    XOXO <3

  5. Laura hi!

    Glad you came up with a schedule, although I must admit it is not exaclty adjusted to us, men followers!

    However, please do share some more international cuisine receipes, although I love your mediterranean approach, being greek myself.

    Happy blogging!


  6. Hey Laura. What an amazing idea! I look forward to reading your Instagram, watching your cooking, etc everyday. Now I can read about you! I have watch all your YouTube videos and I look everyday for a new one. Thank you for all the wise words and inspiration you give me. I learn a new thing from you everyday! <3 xx

  7. Hi, Laura...

    I am so glad you came up with this schedule. Looking forward to your new posts, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, tweets, and of course on Facebook. <3


  8. Great Schedule! :) Can't wait to see those posts! Glad your back on your blogging track! :D

  9. I like your schedule and will wait continiue )

  10. Hey i try your Chocoflan recipe and it's amazing thank you so much

  11. Yay! I always love your outfits in your recipe videos! Can't wait to start reading. BTW...Just made your Pizza Bites! Yuuuummmmmers!

  12. I love that bright lipstick in your pic and ps. I finally made your famous cinnamon rolls and I can totally see why they are indeed famous!

  13. Hey, Great job.My kid shez jus 4 and loves to watch all your shows in you tube and mimics likes you with her toy kitchen sets...Hi guys i'm Laura vitale....

  14. that is a great idea, blogging is funny and interesting for all your readers, Laura siamo aspettando i tuoi post, forza!!!!!!

  15. could you cover the metric measurements vs US measurements sometimes it's so hard to figure out

  16. Hi Laura, I am praying for you and hope that you are well again soon. hugs Lauren

  17. Hi, would you be able to make an Italian Cream Cake? I would love to see your version of it :-)