Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fiesta Night

Sundays mean a few things around here. Sleep in an extra hour or two, catch up on some reading, maybe watch a movie or TV show, and of course end the night with a delicious meal that might be a bit too involved to make on a weeknight. I will be honest and say that most Sunday nights we have a big Italian dinner, usually my Sunday sauce that’s been cooking all day, served that with gnocchi or maybe lasagna, stuffed shells and things of that sort. But this week when I was heading out to the supermarket, I asked my husband what he would like me to make this Sunday (that's how good of a wife I am) so I could get all the necessary ingredients, he choose steak fajitas with all the trimmings. 
It did take a bit of prep work to make the pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, spicy black beans and everything else, but that’s what I love about cooking on weekends, I actually have the time to do it. Everything came out so good and we really enjoyed ourselves, we might have eaten a bit too much but hey, it was that good!

The recipe for the steak fajita is not only simple but its really quick, throw a marinade together, coat the slices of beef in it and let it marinade the whole day in the fridge. Having the steak pretty much out of the way ahead of time, allows me to spend a bit more time making everything else, and also sip on a margarita as a leisurely prepare the meal (don't look at me like that, I'm an adult, I can have a margarita or two..or three) Here is my recipe for my favorite margaritas,

And because no Mexican inspired meal is complete without the trimmings, here are the recipes for the salsa and guacamole.

Look at those colors!!! 

Smooth, rich and delicious! :) 


  1. My lazy Sundays never look this good! Laura, you're amazing!!

  2. I love the guacamole recipe! Thanks :)

  3. I just made a Mexican appetizer dish for Easter Sunday! It came out yummy. I love Mexican and other ethnic foods.

  4. Dear Laura
    I have just recently found your lovely videos and I can't stop watching them! I love your recipes, they are easy AND delicious! I have just made your berry topped cheesecake for a family dinner and it was unbelievable!!!
    I would only have one tiny plea: Could you possibly use some European measurements? I live in Switzerland and I can work with the cups but the ounces and the Fahrenheit degrees give me some trouble...
    Thank you for your great work, looking forward to watching some more of your videos!
    Best wishes from Zurich

  5. I adorabe all your recipe. So delisious))

  6. So, i know these are the kinda comments that people hate but I would love if you guys checked out my blog!
    I have a new blog all about baking and would really love if even a few checked it out!
    Thanks you so much! :)