Monday, December 3, 2012

Out to dinner!

This past weekend, my husband and I went out to the city for dinner with our two friends. We ended up going to Amis Trattoria, which some of you might have heard of already and some of you might have not since it is relatively new, about a couple years old. It was our first time there for my husband and I but our friends had been there before and let me just say that it will definitely not be our last. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was wonderful, we really enjoyed ourselves. 

So Let's go back to the beginning of the night and start with what i choose to wear, since I had not been there before, I wasn't sure if I should get really dressy or keep it a bit more casual, so i figured i would go with a bit more on the casual side but still look put together.  I wanted to wear something that was comfortable but still kind of dressy so I decided to wear a dark pair of skinny jeans, a simple peplum top, but really make the outfit fun by wearing an awesome pair of fringe peep toed booties, it made the outfit perfect for a night out in Philly, and I was very comfortable! 

Top: Forever21 
Pants: Express
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Target (old)
Earrings: Target (old)

For my makeup, I decided to go with a simple neutral eye and some eye liner, a nice warm toned blush, and a bit of highlight. And for lips, a peachy nude shade with some gloss.

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear in Tawny (WARNING: This foundation gives you a horrible white cast in flash photography as you can see, but it makes you look flawless in person and lasts all day!! )
Setting powder for Concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
Eye Shadows: Naked Palette: Virgin (highlight) Sidecar (all over lid) Smog (crease) Darkhorse (just to deepen the outer corner)

We first stopped over our friend's place for a quick drink (I love me some wine!!) Cheers to Saturday nights!! 

Me and handsome hubby in front of Mike and Brie's adorable tree. 

Me and my gorgeous friend Brie in front of the Restaurant. 

And a picture of me and my buddy Mikey G! I seriously have the most amazing friends in the world! 

This was what I ordered for dinner: I had the veal Milanese with a simple side of lemony arugula and a side of super crispy lemon Brussels sprouts, it was amazing!! The veal was cooked to perfection and it the simplicity of it was just what I wanted. Don't get me started on those Brussels sprouts, they were the most delicious Brussels sprouts I have ever eaten!! So crispy and salty and lemony, all things I adore, they were out of this world!!  Something really simple but done right and they definitely did just that! I wish I had taken pictures of our appetizers, I had the most amazing buffalo ricotta bruschetta (I was too busy eating to remember to take a pic, haha what else is new) But I will next time we go I promise. 

For dessert, I knew what I was going to have before I even walked in that place, (i looked up their menu online) waffles with nutella and semifreddo. Oh Em Gee!!! what a delight this was, can any of those things possibly not be good?! And when you put them all together it's unbelievably delicious, my husband and I shared one because as you can see, they are rather gigantor, and I mean that in the best possible way. I am so recreating that for 'Laura in The Kitchen' very soon so be on the lookout for it! 

Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday night!! Cheers to you all! 


  1. I want you to come to my house and share some wine with me! Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way tho. :) I MISS YOU!


  2. That place is amazing I love their pork loin. Next time I go I'll try that delicious looking waffle but ill keep an eye out for your version. I'm a Long Island girl but that's one of my fave go-to places when I'm in Philly. U look gorgeous I love your shoes!

  3. Hi Laura! I am so glad you decided to make a blog! As a bonus... all of the girls can see what products you use. I think I might go shopping now!

  4. Laura, you should put up the a way to follow you! Would be so much easier to keep updated!! <3 Looks like you had so much fun!!

  5. loveeeee the top n the shoes!!!!beautiful laura...n gorgeous as always..

  6. Laura you look so gorgeous i love the boots.

  7. Laura u always look amazing :) l love your youtube videos u inspire me to cook :) I wish u can come to AUSTRALIA and be a guest at our dinner :)

  8. wow! you and your husband make such a cute couple!!
    just wanna say thank you so much for sharing all the great recipes, I made cheesecake for the first time using your berries topping cheesecake recipe the other day for my friend's birthday. It was such a success!!
    Almost all your recipes are easy to follow and they do turn out so delicious, that's actually not very common to see considering so many cooking videos out there.
    A heartfelt thank you from Canada!!

  9. I want to follow ur blog but cant find d button pls help

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  11. Hi I made the hearty Winter Root Vegitable Stew today and omgee it was/is amazing on top of some fresh made farfalli.
    Im new to your sight having just stumbled upon it googling for my crockpot i just got for xmas. Thanks in part to your and your fresh demanor im enjoying a delicious heartfelt meal.
    Cheers Kid.