Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookies Galore!

I have seriously been bit by the holiday bug, all I think about and want to do revolves around this festive time and trust me, I am not complaining about it one bit! I am not by any means going to suggest that you get as crazy as i do (I can be a bit much, this is what my friends tell me anyway) but honestly, what else would you rather do on a cold winter night then bake some yummy cookies, while sipping on some white chocolate mocha and have Home Alone playing in the background?! I would't want to be anywhere else but my kitchen, with my awesome friends around and cooking and baking all day and night. This week I've been baking cookies like a mad woman (again, so they tell me) to deliver to different people in town. These are what I chose to make this year and to be honest, I make them year in and year out because I know that people just love them. 

My Christmas Spritz cookies are a total must-have and when you eat them you will totally agree (you will if there is any justice in the world) buttery, crumbly goodness in a cute little shape, can it get any better?! I think not! 

Oatmeal Scotchies, a completely addictive combination that in my opinion is really hard to beat. My brothers-in-law look forward to these every year, even though I make them throughout the year, I guess for them this is a symbol that Christmas is around the corner. 

The last one I'll leave you with is my Holiday Biscotti. I could not and would not dream of having Christmas without them. I love making biscotti in general and this festive version is my favorite version. It's filled with all things I love and adore and trust me when I tell you that these cookies really are perfect for dunking in a good cup of tea. I can't wait to dig my teeth into these. On that note, I must go grab myself a cookie or two (oh Laura, come on, who are you kidding, more like seventeen cookies) 
Have a fabulous Holiday Season and don't lose sight of what's important.
Happy Holidays!! 


  1. Hello there Laura ! I'm super duper excited to write you here and say welcome to the Blogger community. It's been up to 2 years for me and I'm enjoying the ride! I love all your work and am in love with all your desert recipes. And what I love more is the fact that we share same love for food. These cookies were awesomeee. Please put on your blog the Google Connection Friend box so I can follow you :)
    Please visit me and my blogs (fashion + cooking one) whenever you have time! Your comment will make my day!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    xoxo, Kiki

    1. thank you so much love! I checked out your blog, looks awesome and you are gorgeous! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Helo Laura!!

    First of all let me tell you that I love your channel and I find your love for cooking so strong that really makes me go in the kitchen and experienced it myself. The other day one of my friends told me she wanted to bake cookies, let me tell you we live in Mexico and when I played your videos she got so exited to do them all asked me to translate the 30 recepies you have for them... hard work... But so worth it. If you ever consider addig an spanish version for each recepie in your website would be a blessing and I would love to help you!!
    Love from Mexico Giselle S.

  3. I made your Triple Chocolate Caramel Brownie! Here is some pictures of it : .. You can translate my blog in to english, italian or what ever you prefer! The words can be a little weird sometimes, but I hope you can read it anyway :)

  4. ooh YES BISCOTTI! And the Christmas spritz cookies! I'm on these right away! My new hobby is cooking these days. I was searching around wondering why I can't seem to settle in on something I love to do, I just realized, I've been doing it all along so thank you for helping with all your wonderful recipes!

  5. Laura, I have been your silent viewer since over a year but my day doesn't end unless I watch one of your recipes. I have tried many of your recipes and my family absolutely adores them. You are a famous celebrity in my house. I tried the Christmas Spritz cookies and gifted them to so many friends this year and everyone loved them. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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  7. Do you have a recipe for chocolate pepper cookies? Please share if you do.