Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Food Haul!

I am asked just about every single day if i can start doing food hauls. It't a bit hard to film it but I figured I could start blogging it since it's a little easier to do. Over the years, I have developed a strategy for when i go food shopping, I used to be in the grocery store for hours at at a time, but now I'm in and out in no time with the exception of one day a month. The 1st of every month, I make my list of all my non-perishables, things like flour, sugar, canned tomatoes, pasta, oil, vinegar, stock, basically all the things for my pantry, this way when i do go from week to week, I only shop the perimeter of the supermarket and it means that I can be in and out of there in about half an hour. This week I ran out to get a few things for the week, I just needed some veggies and meats, and i was only in there for about 20 minutes. I make a list at the beginning of every week for every meal I plan on making that week. This helps me stay on track and organized but it also means that i wont be over buying and wasting money.  So this what i got this week,

Broccoli rabe, clementines (I can't survive this time of year without them at all times) kale, sweet potatoes, granny smith apples (my husband's favorite) tomatoes, cucumber, lemons, blueberries, a couple pears, chicken breast, a whole chicken and finally pork chops. 
I had a few things still on hand so this was all I needed to pick up and with these ingredients and a few extras these are some of the dishes i made this week.

One of my husband's favorite meals in the world!! He loves anything with chicken and it's a really easy dinner to make. I love the fact that I get plenty of leftovers and one of my favorite ways to use it up in a really quick way is by making the following soup:

I love this quick soup, in fact it's what I'l be having for lunch today. 

Pork chops with hot peppers is what i made a couple nights ago with those big pork chops. I had some friends over and this is something we all love and its super easy to throw together on a weeknight. 

I served these awesome sweet potato fries along side (I am aware that I bought a huge box of sweet potatoes, but what can I say, I'm a bit obsessed.. Obviously!) 

And because I needed a bit of something green on the plate with the pork chops (and because if you eat pork chops without broccoli rabe in my family you get disowned) I had to make my broccoli rabe. I could, and many times have eaten a big plate of this all by myself. So good with a big chunk of bread with it, what else do you need?! 
And to end the meal, we sat around the table eating clementines and ginger pear crisp which i will share with you all very soon on 'Laura in the Kitchen'. Happy Cooking!

As always, be sure to check out my website for all of the recipes with measurements and processes. 


  1. Laura,
    I LOVE the tips you've shared for grocery shopping and the quick and easy recipes are awesome! Thanks so much!!

    I can't wait to make the quick and easy soup on Saturday!

  2. Love your blog!! And the lemon chicken soup is so yummy!! I also made your PB cookies earlier today and they're sooo gooood!! Keep it up Laura!!

  3. thanks for sharing!
    As far as your cheeses (parms, and others)do you buy them the day you plan on using them? if not, how long does the parm cheese stays well in the fridge.

  4. I love Laura's recipes..If you like to experiment indian cooking ..visit

  5. I really wish I could be that organized :)

  6. So glad I stumbled on your website about a year ago!! You're the BEST!!!

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