Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Pizza Dough, How I Love you!

So let's talk pizza dough for a minute (if you know me, then you I know I could talk about it for hours.. days..weeks...months...years...ok get it?!) Pizza dough is one of my all time favorite ingredients that really comes in handy for multiple uses. Now obviously you need to start by making some really good dough, I will now direct you to my pizza video to see how it's done! (I feel so Tony Soprano right now for some reason...) 

Ok, so now that you know how to make good pizza and you're pretty much a pro, let's talk about a few of my favorite way to use it. Now of course making some traditional pizza is a must, I mean come on, especially now that you can throw the dough up in the air, you got this!

Summertime for me means lighting the grill and grilling up burgers, meat, veggies and pizza! That's right, I said pizza, I'm Italian and.. that's pretty much all I have to say about that. You can top grilled pizza with pretty much anything your heart desires, for me, prosciutto, olives, mozzarella and arugula is pretty much my favorite combination so that's what I'm going with most of the time. You need to try this like now! I know it's not summer but I'm sure you've got a grill pan around your kitchen somewhere so whip it out and make this baby! 

Homemade focaccia rolls are the best soft, moist rolls in the universe! These are what we served most of our sandwiches on at the restaurant and people used to come in all the time to buy dozens of these, that's how good they are, the perfect bed for some chicken and broccoli rabe.  I will warn you though, these are dangerous to have around the house because you wont be able to stop yourself from eating them, well I can't anyway, maybe you have better self control. 

Garlic knots, oh my goodness gracious are these unbelievably good! If you want something full of flavor, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, and just overall amazing, these are it. I have no other words for them. Do everybody a favor and make them immediately, please! 

Since I like leaving our conversations on a sweet note, the last recipe I'll share with you is for my sweet Italian zeppole. I have never made pizza dough without making an extra batch to make these babies, just how I never turn my fryer on without frying up a batch of these no matter what else I'm frying up that day and since I don't really whip out my deep fryer very often (I try to really limit my fried food intake to a bare minimum) these are something I always make whenever I am frying anything. You can coat them in pretty much any flavored sugar you like, my personal favorite way to eat them is when they are tossed in plain ole' granulated sugar because that's how my nonna made them for us when we were little and anything my nonna does is like the law for me. I haven't come across anybody that likes traditional doughnuts over these, and I think it's because the dough isn't sweet at all so any sweetness comes from what you coat them in and therefore the balance is pretty much amazing! 
So if your making some pizza dough this week, make an extra batch and try some of these recipes, you will be much happier after you eat some of this deliciousness!


  1. I made already the Garlic knots and they are AMAZING, so delicious!:)
    Thanks for all the amazing dishes that you post!

  2. Love pizza I must try all these recipes they look soooo yummy hahaha
    Thanks for all your posts

  3. Laura, I am only 11 years, but I ALWAYS BEG MY MOM TO MAKE THESE RECIPES!!! I always see you baking cooking and grilling. I also love to cook, but sadly, I am not allowed on the stove. I love you!!

  4. I finally had a day off work so I spent it making pizza and the caramelized onion focaccia :D
    Your recipe for potato & onion pizza is so amazing, the flavours just go together so well! I'm definitely going to make that one again.
    Thank you for the recipes Laura!

  5. The food looks devine. Can you make your blog to where we can follow it? Thanks for your time.

  6. you're the bomb Laura!
    when i watch your videos they brighten up my days and i don't feel so homesick anymore.
    God bless you!

  7. I love, love, LOVE your pizza video... it's the best!!! But... my husband is trying to lose weight, and he keeps complaining I am over-carbing him. Awww (I do love carbs!!!)

    Any chance you could post a THIN crust pizza crust recipe? The thinner, the better!!!

  8. because of you i started cooking :)
    and without lying, it worked pretty well !

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  10. I’m now feeling hungry after watching your videos. You’re pretty good in making pizza, particularly with the dough part. Well, pizza won’t be called pizza if there’s no dough, right? The pizza dough I prefer is just thin and crispy, but with a lot of cheese and meat toppings. Thanks for this tutorial!

    >Joseph Carr

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  15. I just made a huge batch of your pizza dough and put the majority into my freezer, which I'm hoping will work out! But first I made your prosciutto and ricotta calzones, which were absolutely incredible! Love you bunches Laura!

  16. Look so yummy. I just found your blog. I started last week and made my first weekly menu plan this week. We made these Monday and I love them! Thanks for all the great recipes video! Click Here

  17. We we!! Grazie mille per Tutte queste buone ricett'!!! Sono tutt' perfett'!!!! Si bravissima!!! Un abbraccio forte da la Svitzera! Un admiratrice Napoletana Che a sposato un americano! !!

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