Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chocolate Affair

So there is something I must confess. I'm having an affair, in fact, this affair has been going on for the past 26 years... My lover is sweet, smooth and totally addictive. I'm talking about chocolate! I sometimes like to think about when the love first started and honestly, I don't know if it was the fist bite at my Kinder chocolate bar or my nonna's chocolate cake that's smeared with Nutella (as if the chocolate cake it'self isn't decadent enough) I just love it in any way shape or form. If you have been following me on 'Laura in the Kitchen' for a while then you know how much I just love chocolate and that I have shared quite a few recipes with you over the years that showcase this delicious ingredient. So let's go down memory lane with a few of my favorties and hopefully (if you're not already) you will fall in love with them as much as I have.

The first one I wanted to share is my chocolate covered strawberries. Now I know some people might ask "what's so special about this?" well my friend, if you haven't ever eaten one than you're pretty much missing out on one of the best things in life! There is something so amazing about a juicy strawberry and that sweet chocolate coating, it's a match made in heaven! Another great thing about this recipe is that it's seriously so quick and easy to make it's kind of ridiculous,  you can get your kids to make them as you're making the rest of your meal and you won't believe how good they are!

The next recipe is my fudgy brownies. Let me start off by saying that in my opinion, there are three different kinds of brownies out there in the world, a cakey brownie which is light, fluffy, chocolaty  and soft (and of course the recipe can be found on my website if that's the kind of brownie you prefer) then there is a chewy brownie which is a combination of a cakey brownie and a fudge brownie (still working on perfecting a recipe for that and when I've got it down, you can expect it in your subscription box). And then there is the fudgy brownie which in my opinion, is the best brownie if you're into that deep fudge coating on the roof of your mouth with densness and fudginess. Its magical I tell you and this particular recipe has become the favorite brownie recipe of all my friends and for good reason, I mean look at  them!! 

The last recipe I'll leave you with today is my chocolate mousse. If you want to eat something that is smooth, incredibly light in texture yet rich in flavor and pretty much tastes like you're eating a chocolate cloud (don't ask me how i know what a chocolate cloud tastes like) then this recipe is the one for you! A bit more involved to make compared to the other recipes but the results are so worth it,  it's a real treat, you must make this! I have catered engagement parties, birthday parties and bridal showers this past year and this was on the menu for dessert for each of those occasions. It's a real treat but the taste is something I almost can't even describe (look up at the sky, Laura is out of words, there must be purple pigs flying) 
With Valentine's day coming up, if you feel like getting fancy make this dessert, it has to set all night in the fridge so make sure you do it the night before. 
I must go, I have a date with a chocolate covered strawberry.
 Happy Eating! 


  1. Laura, I adore you. I am your newest biggest fan. God's Blessing to you always!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I absolutely love your recipes. They are super yummy and so easy to make. I have been looking for an amazing chocolate cake recipe for a while, but no success as they always turn out so dry rather than gooey and soft. Could you possibly do a video on a basic Chocolate Sponge cake with chocolate buttercream in the middle?? Im getting married next May and I would definitely would like to attempt at making it for all my guests on my special day. x x

  3. Hi Laura,
    I love your youtube channel and I always watch your recipes. Actually I've tried many; they are flawless! I am a home chef too and I always look for new recipes from different cultures. Well, I'm Moroccan, so I know a lot, I mean a lot, about Moroccan cuisine, which is very rich in fact. I also know about the Mediterranean flavors so your recipes always remind me of something I know at home :)
    I wish you the best luck and I hope you may have a look on my new blog, who knows you may try some of my recipes too! It has the same "in the kitchen" as your channel so don't be mad :D
    take care Laura!

  4. hello laura, I am a very big fan of you and your recipes, I even started making a blog like you to share my recipes to my friends, for the moment I've only had time to put the photos and two recipes, If the fact that the name of my blog is very similar to your bothers you, do not hesitate to tell me :) see you soon!

  5. I'm also in love with chocolate!!!! well I'm actually a fan of all your recipes :)

  6. Ummm You said Kinder chocolate bar and I travelled back to my childhood too (specially Kinder Surprise egg)....I cant find them here in USA...
    Love your recipes!!

  7. The Chocolate Mousse is the BEST!!!!! YUMMY I have to make it for my husband a lot it's one of his biggest requests!!! Thank You Laura :)