Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pork Lollipops by Mikey G!

If you watched today's episode on 'Laura In The Kitchen', you will know that I made a roasted rack of pork with a super awesome apple and onion stuffing. I had good friends, Mike and Brie over that night - they sampled some of the food of course (I always say, sharing is caring). They loved everything but what I thought was hysterical  was my friend Mike calling the roast "pork lollipops" I mean he's kind of right, when you carve it, each chop has a bone to hold onto and that's where pork lollipop came from. He kept walking around with this "lollipop" in his hands and all I could think about was the episode from friends where they went to London For Ross's wedding and Joey was eating a T Bone steak with his hands like it was no big deal. Anyways, I figured I would share this little funny story with you, I still crack up every time I think about it. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful and hysterical friends in my life, who pick me up when I'm feeling down and are always by my side supporting me every step of the way no matter what crazy project I'm working on. 

This is me and Brie on my birthday last year, isn't she so fab!!!? 

With Brie and Mikey G peeking in ;)

This was a pic of their whole wedding party. Joe and I were beyond honored to have been apart of their special day. It was a magical day and we will never forget it. By the way, how gorgeous are the colors she picked!?! Gorgeous tangerine with cream and pastel blue, beyond gorg!

If you haven't seen the episode on the "pork lollipop" check it out! 

Happy Cooking! 


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