Monday, July 8, 2013

New Ulta Goodies

Hi friends,
I recently picked up some new items from ulta and wanted to share them with you. I, unfortunately, don't have an Ulta near me (the closest one is about 45 minutes away) so I ordered these from their website. Keep in mind that I didn't have a chance to see any of these items in person before ordering so I just guessed the colors I would like. Most of the items I got are from NYX but I also decided to try a couple of eye shadows from Essence. I have tons of NYX products but believe it or not, I have never owned a NYX lip gloss or lipstick so it was time to get my hands on some and finally see what all the rave is about. 

Here are all the lip glosses and swatches and these, by the way, are the NYX Megashine glosses.

From left to right, Salsa, Nude Peach, Nude Pink, French Kiss. My thoughts on these glosses: I love the Nude Peach and Nude Pink, beautiful colors with a gorgeous opaque finish, the Salsa and French Kiss are too frosty for me. I wish that they somehow could write the finish of each one in the description, I know it would be a lot but it would be helpful to people who order from their site if they don't have an Ulta near them. I will be keeping them all but won't be ordering anymore online. I'll wait until I go to the actual store so I can see what the finishes are before buying them. I'm also not a fan of the smell.. at all!! But after a few minutes, you can't smell it anymore.

I picked up two NYX Butter Glosses in Meringue and Peaches and Cream. My thoughts on these: love the formula and really love the colors, The only thing is that the Peaches and Cream is more of a coral than a peach, other than that, these are a hit!

Here are the shadows I picked out, from left to right, Sahara, Champagne Silk, True Taupe, Charcoal Brown. My thoughts: really smooth shadows and beautiful colors, however, I do wish they had a bit ore pigmentation. I had to really work to make them show but the colors are really beautiful and for the price, it's a good deal. I will be getting some more of these. 

These are a product I have never tried before and I have never seen them in the store so I figured I would give them a shot. They are the NYX loose Pearl Eye shadows, they were super cheap and they were buy one get one half off so I hardly paid anything for them. I haven't tried them on my eyes yet I have only swatched them on my hand, they're a loose pigment so there will be a lot of fall out so make sure you place them on your lid properly. Here are the colors from left to right. Nude, Mink Vison, Rust Pearl, Penny. Again, I haven't tried them yet so I will update you when I do.

The last NYX items I got where two of their Matte Lipsticks, Hippy Chick and Nude. My thoughts: I love the colors so much and I love matte lipsticks. You don't really want to wear these (or any matte lipsticks) if your lips are chapped or dried out, they will accentuate all those cracks and flakes and that's never a good look. They are drying so make sure you prime your lips with some lip balm (EOS lip balms are the best to layer under lipsticks because they're not too slick so they wont make your lipstick smear right off) and you are in business! 

The last items I ordered are two eye shadows from Essence, these are super cheap and I keep hearing people mention them so I figured I would try a couple. Left to right, Metropolitan, Party All Night. My thoughts: the darker one is a nice deep brown but its a bust in my opinion due to all the flecks of gold glitter all over it. The glitter falls all over my face when applying it and it got on my nerves so bad that I ended up wiping it off completely and starting my eye look from scratch. I'l keep it for now but not sure how often I will wear it. The one of the left, is a really beautiful color with an intense metallic finish so it's not something that I would wear during the day, it'll look great for a night out on the town. It does have a bit of fall out so my suggestion is to do your eye makeup first and then do the rest of it, you foundations, powder etc.. For the price, I wouldn't mind trying a few more products from this line. 
Hope you like my new goodies, please let me know what you think I should try from these brands next! 


  1. Hey Laura

    I first found your cooking channel on Youtube and have followed you since then! So glad you now have a blog also! You are such a beautiful lady with a great sense of style! I love looking at the things you post on Pinterest too! I'm sure all the products you got will look stunning on you! Take care and much love to you and yours!

    Vee x

  2. A good post and so much useful information. Thanks

  3. Thank you for this very useful post! I like the little reviews. Everything I want to know in a few sentences. I have the Nude on Nude palette by NYX. I love this palette for a natural look. I usually take it with me on vacation. The pigmentation is not too bad, especially because I use it for natural looks.

  4. Like Vee, I also stumbled upon your show while searching for Italian recipes in 2012 after deciding it was the year I would learn to cook! You have taught me to do that, and make it fun and easy and the food comes out so delicious. My family are picky eaters and will only eat my food when I follow your recipes!!! I hope to learn more about make up too with your blog, Thank you!

    1. Good luck and have fun with your cooking Patty. Laura's recipes are easy and fun aren't they? Do you have a blog?

      Hugs Vee x