Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!
I'm so glad I woke up today to beautiful sunny weather (it's been raining every single day for about a week) I'm ready to fire up the grill tonight, cook some awesome food and have a bonfire with my very closest friends. Holidays to me are meant to be shared with your family and friends and food is something I make sure is always on point because after all, food is the most important thing at any get together (besides being surrounded by your loved ones of course).
I wanted to talk about a few recipes that would be perfect for today.
Warm potato salad, if you're looking for a potato salad that has tons of flavor and will leave your guests begging for the recipe, look no further because this is it my friend! This salad is really best at room temperature, make it ahead of time, cover it and let it sit at room temp until you're ready to serve it.

Finger lickin' BBQ baby back ribs, there are no words to describe how tender, sticky and addictive these ribs are. Baking them and then grilling them as you baste them with BBQ sauce is the best method (in my opinion) to get them to be melt in your mouth tender but still having that caramelized bbq sauce that every good rib should have.

For dessert, I will leave you with something you can make the day before so that you are totally stress free on the day of. 
My classic cheesecake makes a presence in a lot of my get togethers. It's not only very easy to make, but it delivers that classic cheesecake flavor that no one can resist. Every time I bring it out at parties, my guests get so excited. Topped with gorgeous colorful berries, it just screams "celebration!". 

I hope you all have a  wonderful Holiday filled with laughter, good food, and most importantly, lots ad lots of love! 

Happy Fourth of July!! 


  1. Happy 4th of July! That cheesecake is amazing for parties, it looks so impressive and festive!

    Unfortunately, we don't celebrate 4th of July in Holland and the weather certainly isn't suitable for grilling :(. I do think I'm gonna try that warm potato salad soon, though!

    I hope you have wonderful day :).

  2. Happy 4th July Laura! Hope you and Joe have a fantastic day! Keep grillin' and enjoy a fun one! <3

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  5. Happy 4th of July Laura..92 here today very humid although the recipes look Great!!! and tempting I will have to cook on another day too hot to cook anything, going out for some French Vanilla yogurt I just may make one of your smoothies later this evening. Enjoy Your friends & loved ones, looking forward to more of your recipes...:)