Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Summer Clutches

Hi friends,
Today I wanted to share with you my favorite summer clutches that I have been carrying on a daily basis that really add a fun touch to my outfit. When It comes to buying a new bag for the season, I like to invest a bit and buy a good quality one that's pretty neutral and can go with my wardrobe for the season. I carry the same main bag all spring, summer fall or winter and I like to get a good quality one that wont break on me. But that said, when it comes to accessories and fun colored bags and clutches, I like to find good bargains because they aren't my main bag and I change them up so much that it's not worth spending hundreds of dollars on a mint clutch. Here are my favorites for this season and I can't wait to rock them in Italy! 
This off-white one is from Daily Look, I own a few clutches from there (they were having a 40 percent off your order deal one day so I took advantage of it) It's not really white, it's actually off-white. I love that it comes with a long chain so you can wear it as a little bag if I want to, I have to admit that this is a little bigger than I thought, actually, all the Daily look clutches I got are pretty large, I don't mind though, but keep it in mind. This one goes great with pretty much everything, it's a nice staple piece.

This little brown one is probably my number one favorite. It actually came with a makeup brush set from Sonia Kashuk at Target, I got the set specifically because it came with this little gem. I got it last spring though so they no longer carry it. For 20 dollars I got a set of brushes (not the best in the world, but oh well) and this adorable clutch! I wear this one constantly and I like that it's small enough to not bother me but big enough to hold my phone, keys, and small little pouch for my money and ID. 

This coral envelope style clutch is from Target, I actually got it a couple of months ago so they might still have it in stock. I manly like this and wear it often because of the color, since its very thin, I can't really put much it in it otherwise it looks bulky and I don't like that. I like wearing this one with white dresses, it's so feminine.

This last one I will leave you with is also from Daily Look, it's actually the green version of the first one I showed you. I thought this was an unusual color and love the way it really jazzez up any outfit. I wear this with black, brown, white, you name it! 

Hope this post has helped you if you were thinking of getting a couple of clutches for this season. Remember,  since it's more of an accessory and not your main bag, don't spend more than about 30 dollars for each one. If a specific place is having a big sale and they have some that you like, that's the place to get them! 
Happy shopping! 


  1. Hi Laura, I love those bags!
    when are you gonna be in italy? I hope i can meet you <3<3

  2. Please, please, please don't stop blogging! I checked your blog religiously for months after you stopped posting and was always disappointed not to find anything. I love your new timetable and would be gutted if you stopped so soon. People will catch on eventually, so many people love you and everything you do so I don't believe they won't eventually catch on and come and read and support your blog. Don't stop believing! ;-)

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