Thursday, July 11, 2013

Latest Kitchen Obsession

Hi everyone,
If you know me it's probably through my cooking show on Youtube, therefore you know about my love for anything kitchen related. Because of my work, I do have lots of different kitchen equipment and recently, I added a new member to the family and I'm absolutely obsessed with it! I'm talking about my Blendtec blender.
I have been using this baby everyday to make my juice and I can't get enough of it. Now I know it's not a juicer so my "juices" come out a little thicker but I prefer that because I get every ounce of nutrient out of my fruit and veggies. It's powerful and has different settings depending on what you're making. You can even make cookie dough or cake batter in this thing, I haven't tried that yet but I thought that was pretty cool.
If you're looking to invest in a good blender, this is it, my friend! A bit pricey I agree, but I don't mind investing in something that's great quality and will last me for a long time.

This is what I've been making as a mid-day snack everyday since I got it, a green juice filled with Kale, lemon juice, apple, celery, cucumber and frozen grapes. My juice changes from day to day depending on what I have on hand, but this is my my base, sometimes I add berries, different greens and different citrus. The one thing I will say is that when eating something raw and not peeling it, you should be using organic ingredients, you don't want to eat any chemicals. 

That's me taking a mid day break drinking my juice and catching up on some reality TV :) 


  1. nice:-) do u watch the bachelorette?

  2. BenjiManTv inspired me to use the blender for juicing!

  3. Too bad you already bought this at such a high cost. A Ninja would have done just as much and for a fraction of the cost. You should still look into a Ninja. QVC has the best offers on them. They are great. I make your pizza dough in it along with some of the recipes that come with the machine. Makes "Snow" out of ice cubes with just a few pulses. It's a food processor, a blender and a mixer but takes up no more room than a blender. Great investment and easy to clean.

  4. I haven't tried the Blendtec because I have a Vitamix. When you want to start making nut butters, flours, soups, ice cream or grind coffee this baby does it (plus obviously blending and juicing). Vitamix actually does demos at various grocery stores across the country so its worth seeing how it performs in person. I haven't used a food processor since I got it.

  5. I prefer smoothies over juices too, so I think I'll be giving this one a try. The price doesn't really bother me as much. As long as it's of good quality and can last a long time, the investment is worth it. -Bradley @ National Kitchen Equipment

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  8. Hi Laura oh my goodness just in time! I need a blender which model is it? I’ll buy as soon as I hear. Thanks