Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mrs Vitale's Mni mince Pies

So from the title you can pretty much tell what this post is going to be about (and you can also probably tell that I have an obsession with Johnny Depp movies, but seriously can you blame me?!)  So let's talk about mince pies.. I love them, I love them, I love them, oh, have I mentioned yet that I love them? These little beauties are good, not just like "oh yea these are good" I'm talking your eyes rolling in the back of your head and makes you want to slap someone kind of good. The filling is sweet, tangy, spicy, citrusy, warm, sticky, and all things delicious. The crust is buttery, tender, flaky, and oh so buttery (i know i mentioned buttery already but it's good enough to be mentioned twice) the two combined make for a pretty awesome little morsel and I tell you what, once you make a batch of these, you are seriously going to be angry at yourself for only making one batch. I made some the other night and I quickly realized why I only make them around the holidays, my husband and I ate a dozen of these without even realizing it!! That's terrible I know, but the kind of terrible you sit back rubbing your stomach with a smile on your face and think to your self "that was so good, I wish I had more". So if you haven't made these yet.. what are you waiting for? Run to the kitchen, (but first go to my website to get the recipe), then run to the kitchen and get working on these, and pack some up and send them to me, please and thank you! Happy cooking!


  1. who doesnt love johnny depp?btw.i've tried this n they came out PERFECT..thank you for making thing wayyyyyyy easy for us..

  2. I want to make these for gifts. how long will they last? shelf life