Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Ornament Tree!!!

I was at a department store recently and spotted a really beautiful ornament tree that would have been perfect to place on my hutch for this Holiday season, I then went closer and looked at the price.. $49.99!!!! It blew me away and there was no way I was going to buy it because I knew that with a little creativity and some inexpensive items, I could make one myself and that's exactly what I did (I actually made two, one to practice on and one to share with all of you) I am so happy with the way it turned out and it was super simple and easy to do. Let me show you how i did it. 
These are the things you are going to need to create this little beauty:
A foam Cone
Ornaments of your choice
A pair of scissors
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Random pieces of fake holly or anything like that
A pair of wire cutters
A piece of decorative wrapping paper, I used sparkly red because most of the tree would be red so choose a color that will match your ornaments so it all blends easily. 

First thing you need to do is plug in your hot glue gun of course, once ready you can get started. 
Cut a piece of the Wrapping paper to fit your cone,

Glue the paper onto the cone. I thought I could do this with tape but it would not hold well so i just used the hot glue and it held up great! 
It should look something like this,
         Next, take off all the tops off your ornaments,

And using your hot glue gun, start gluing each ornament to the tree however you like. As you can see, i did a big row on the bottom and then just played around with the rest of it. 

What I discovered as I kept adding more ornaments, is that it was easier to glue them slightly on the side instead of the pointy tpo because they would hold better on top of the other ones (i hope that made sense haha)
 I continued gluing away until the tree was covered in ornaments
 I then cut up all the fake little holly and berries into small pieces
                       And randomly glued them in places where I felt like there were little holes that I wanted to  cover up.And this is what it looked like when I was all done! How cute!!!! 
And now it's placed on the hutch. It's exactly what i wanted and i'm thrilled that was able to make it myself at a fraction of the cost. Happy Holidays!! 


  1. Hi Laura! This looks great... I should probably start decorating soon too!

  2. Laura,
    How much did this end up costing to make? Would be nice to know this.
    Thanks JIM

    1. i already had the glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors so between the ornaments (they all came to about 9 dollars) the foam cone (that was about 4 dollars) the fake holly (79 cents each and i got 3 different pieces) and the wrapping paper (a little pricey, 4.99 but loved the glitter) i spent about 20 dollars.

  3. Yay! I love all your fashion pins on pinterest! I can't wait to read about your fashion tips and tricks! =) also, I looked real quick the other day but didn't see any, do you have any recipes for artichokes? Keep up your amazing work! My daughter and I always look forward to and enjoy making your recipes!

  4. How exciting how you now have a blog! Welcome to the blog world! I have been following your youtube videos since the beginning!! I always look forward to new yummy recipes! Happy Holidays

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