Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bare Minerals Kiss and Tell Lipstick Set Review

Hi friends, I've been getting tons of questions lately on my social media networks and youtube about doing more reviews on mostly beauty products but just anything I come across. I am happy so say that you can expect quick reviews on my blog from things I try or things that are recommended to me by you! I'm starting my first official review today with the Bare Minerals Kiss and Tell Lipstick Set. These are the new Marvelous Moxie Lipsticks that Bare Minerals came out not too long ago and when I saw this little set, I immediately got them because I love trying out new products and I especially love little package deals where you get smaller sizes of each item but you get multiple items in one. So let's get on with the review..

This is what the box they come in looks like, the pink packaging totally got me, the set is sold for $29.00 and I purchased mine from Ulta. So these claim to be vibrant, pigmented and ultra hydrating and I can totally agree with those claims 100%. I am loving these lipsticks and I am so glad I saw this set for sale! I have been wanting to try these for a while but didn't really want to spend $18 on one since I hadn't heard much about these and saw no reviews. I am happy to say that these babies are everything they claim to be! 

As you can see, each one is pretty small, I placed it next to a regular tweezers and it's safe to say that the lipstick is quite a bit smaller than the tweezers. 

Here are the 5 shades that come in this set, as you can see from the picture, they are very pigmented and and feel really creamy on the lips! Love the color selection although I would have preferred a red or coral color in place of the "Break away" color, it's too dark for my lips and I really don't see this as looking flattering on very many skin tones, way too brown! 
Here are the shades from left to right, Speak Your Mind, Break Away, Get Ready, Go All Out, Be Bold.

I do really love the rest of the colors, you get a good range of shades from a neutral pinky nude, to a fushia and deep plum.

I totally took this last picture backwards so please forgive me that the colors swatched above are swatched  from right to left (the picture above the swatches is correct and and lined up with their name) I have to say that I love their silver packaging, so sleek and fancy looking! 

Overall I am really happy I purchased these, I have been wanting to try them for a while now and I'm super glad I saw this set for sale, I love that i was able to get 5 different shades to play around with! These are definitely worth every penny! If you're a makeup lover and love trying out new products, these will fit perfectly in your collection! Creamy, smooth, pigmented and very comfortable on the lips! 


  1. This is a great review! I am not really a lipstick person; I'm more of a lipgloss girl, but after this I might have to go and get this.

  2. This review is very thorough, informative and the photos are extremely helpful! I have bought nearly all the products you reviewed on VitaleStyle (hiding the credit card bills from hubby--ha!) and love them. These lipsticks are so pretty and on sale! I love LITK, your channels and this blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Good review and colors lipstick for autumn

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