Friday, August 30, 2013

What I ate in Italy

Hi friends,
As most of you know, I was recently in Italy for 2 weeks visiting my family and as you do when you're in Italy, we ate our hearts out! Italian food is my all time favorite food of course, seeing as I'm Italian and my family's cooking is the best in the world (in my opinion of course) so I figured it would be fun to share some of the recipes with you that I have videos on so you can recreate them. 

If you follow my volg channel you will see in our Italy vlogs that my favorite beach lunch is a plain ole' Prosciutto and sandwich. Nothing beats the best quality crunchy Italian bread stuffed with salty thinly sliced prosciutto, seriously unbeatable! Here is a version I make when I can get my hands on some buffalo mozzarella.

Another Faaavorite lunch my nonna made for us when we weren't at the beach one day is her rice and tuna salad. This dish is definitely on my top ten favorite dishes of all time and it's beyond easy to make.

My arrival to Italy would not be the same without walking into my nonna's kitchen and smelling her AMAZING chicken and pastina cooking on the stove. This soup is my all time favorite soup and even when we go to Italy in the super hot summer months, this is the very first meal I eat. The whole time on the plane I think about my nonna's chicken soup waiting for me as soon as I get there! 

And the last recipe I will leave you with is her Jam Tart or as we call it, Crostata di Marmmellata. Something would be seriously wrong if I opened the fridge and there wasn't one of these tarts in the fridge waiting to be eaten by people at anytime weather its for dessert after our meal, a small slice for a snack with coffee or breakfast, there is always one in the fridge. I wouldn't suggest eating pies and tarts for breakfast or even snacks unless it's a special event but seeing as I only get to see and spend time with my family once a year, I go a little wild and eat everything in sight! 

Stay sweet my loves! 


  1. thank you for sharing these laura can't wait to try them!!!!!

  2. love your enthusiasm!! (and your recipes...) my mother and i watch your videos together and we always yell "HI GUYS!!!"

    Sometimes we'll see a recipe somewhere else and say "How would LAURA do it??" and you never disappoint :)

  3. Laura, I came across your YouTube channel and website quite by accident a couple of months ago and was hooked immediately. As you can see, we have a lot in common. I'm a VITALE also, from Sicily. I love your cooking videos, have used several of your recipes and have told my whole family about you. My friends and guests are always asking me for my Italian recipes. I learned to cook from my mother, there are no recipes. So, now I tell people who want recipes to look up Laura in the Kitchen because she cooks like I do and has gone through the trouble of writing down recipes.I love Italian food and cooking as much as you do. Loved this post about your trip and so happy that you get to visit once a year. My last visit was 2009, but I'm going back next year and can't wait.

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